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The following APT-P RTC Test Train kits are currently available:

Code Description Formation Cost  
RTC01 3-vehicle APT-P Power Car (Non-Driving Motor) test rake Test Car 5 - APT-P M (dummy) - Test Service Car 8 £100
RTC02 4-vehicle APT-P Trailer test rake Test Service Car 9 + APT-P TFB-TS-DTS £125
RTC03 4-vehicle APT-P Trailer test rake (with raised nose) Test Service Car 9 + APT-P TFB-TS-DTS £125


Each kit comes with the required bodies, chassis (with correct seating layout), bogies, transparent glazing, couplings and pantograph. The only thing required to complete your kit are suitable wheels and livery application.

The bodies, chassis and bogies are printed in SLS Nylon PA12 and then polished, with the glazing being printed in transparent resin. Most items are made to order so you should receive it in around 4 weeks.

These formations are known examples of test trains run with the APT-P coaches and were hauled by a range of locomotives. More information about the testing of the APT-P is available on the Train Testing website here and at the APT-P page here.