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Class 31 Chassis - £23 per vehicle

Suitable for Poole and China build Graham Farish Chassis

The Chassis for the Class 31 is a 1 size fits all offering with an underslung fuel tank.

If the body you have has buffers and a bufferbeam, using Snips, cut the Cab Floor with bufferbeam off outside the Bulkhead (upright) wall on either end. If it's a new style body with no buffers, the chassis fits straight in, although be warned the bulkhead fits between the back of the cab and a window at one end on the bodyside IT'S A TIGHT FIT! you could cut the Bulkheads off

It comes with a chassis, 2 bogies with retainer pins, 4 buffers, 6 wheels and 2 couplings with springs. 

After the success of my Class 24 and Class 25 dummy chassis, I was asked to look at expanding my range of Dummy Chassis kits. My next model to look at is the Class 31. I have come up with a chassis which is suitable for both the new tooling Bodies and the older model (both 5-pole and Split Chassis), which in my opinion is still a very good looking model.

The bogie side frames have lots on show including sandboxes, steps, axleboxes, etc...   I have incorporated pockets for the Rapido style spring coupling allowing you to couple to another locomotive should you wish to for double heading, or for a dead in tow locomotive.