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RDB975002 - Laboratory 3 - £35
APT PoP Train Support Coach

Lab 3 was converted from a BR Mk1 RSO and was used as a support coach in the APT PoP Test Train.

My unpainted kit includes Body, Chassis, 4x Oval Buffers and a pair of B5 Bogies. Transfers are available from RailTec Transfers (2713).

The formation of the APT POP Test Train varied over time, but the early framework body train consisted of

  • RDB 975002 "Laboratory 3"
  • PC3 - RDB 975634 PoP APT Development Power Car
  • PC4 - RDB 975635 PoP APT Development Power Car
  • RDB 975547 "Laboratory 23" generator coach -or-
  • RDB 975428 "Laboratory 10" generator coach

The PC3/4 vehicles were later given a body-skin and were positioned between RDB975636 "Laboratory 8 'Pilot'" which was a modified APT-P vehicle with the three APT PoP set conducting bogie and ride research work on the WCML.

PC3 and PC4 are available as an excellent kit in N gauge and these are available from Leadley Kits here.

Lab 23 and the original BG it was based on have been produced by Graham Farish by Bachmann.